DS SMITH: Interview

Emmanuel Pascart, CEO of DS Smith Group, interviewed by Rachelle Lemoine

Our growth is of 8% per year

How do you see the pharmaceutical sector as compared
to the usual markets on which DS Smith operates ?

Emmanuel Pascart : Patience and humbleness are of essence, as on
every new market. We have taken the necessary time to analyse the expectations
by identifying our strengths and areas of improvement. Unlike the markets on
which DS Smith usually operates, such as the agri-food or beverage sectors,
which have a strong “global branding” strategy, the pharmaceutical sector is
more of a niche market, rather focused on the quality of its production facilities
and optimization requirements. This has allowed us to develop a new, more
agile approach focused on expertise and services in order to meet the
particularities of this market: i.e. the importance of the regulations, the
concept of augmented services such as “just-in-time”, the back-up possibilities in
case of problems and/or transfer. We have learned how to respond to the exigencies
of this sector such as the audits and certifications undergone by our sites. It
is a key entry point for any collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the first results of your activity ?

E.P.: Designed to optimize their acquisition, manufacturing and logistics
processes, our portfolio of solutions and services for the medical and
pharmaceutical markets has aroused interest. This market remains a complex
one and we believe our value resides in the human dimension and expertise
we provide through our services and exchanges. Today, we supply the top 50
of the global pharmaceutical industry and our business unit sees 8% growth
every year. Our “business intelligence” approach with dedicated experts has met
their expectation in terms of optimization of the production and supply chain at
global level. This requires a sustained work for every current and prospective
client. Each of them is the subject of a specific strategy and action plan.
Spanning from Europe, this market approach is starting to bear fruit in
Europe, North America up to China.