Special Prefilled syringes

Accurate, practical and, nowadays, secured, liquid or freezedried
pre-filled syringes represent a significant share of
the global market for injection therapies. Using a complex
technology, pre-filled syringes remain an area where only a
limited number of pharmaceutical contract manufacturers
have acquired expertise. Overview of some contract manufacturers
which have already built a reputation

“The prefilled syringe activity is also developing a lot by the demands of generic manufacturers”

Injection therapies, a success! The good health of injectable products in Western Europe (1-digit growth) and worldwide confirms the above statement. Over 2 billion of pre-filled syringes were manufactured and marketed worldwide in 2016, particularly in Western
Europe, followed by the U.S. and the rest of the world (certain emerging countries).
According to Vetter Pharma International, this volume is projected to double over the next ten years. Pharmaceutical companies and biotechnological development
companies are strongly interested in presenting their products in a liquid
pre-filled syringe form (rather than bottles or vials), which is partly due to the
pressure exerted by governmental health agencies that want to promote homecare.