SGH Healthcaring increase its production capacity by 20%

Rovipharm production site

Partner of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry, SGH Healthcaring has just announced an investment of 8.2 M€ for the construction of a 650 sqm controlled atmosphere area on the Rovipharm Healthcaring site. Partly financed by the French government, this project will increase the company’s production capacity by 20%. This move is essential for the implementation of the contract signed with Agilent Technologies, a leader in the life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemistry markets. 

Signed last December, the contract provides for annual production of 200 million cones with filters (Totally Integrated Pipetting System), an essential consumable for Covid testing. TIPS are used in laboratory pipettes to sample and dispense volumes from 0.5µ to 5ml. The production will be ensured by the deployment of 5 injection presses equipped with 30 six-axis robots, ensuring a fully automated high-speed process. Free of human intervention, the production lines are DNA and RNA free and can meet the requirements of applications requiring sterile TIPS such as DNA sequencing.  Finally, the lines will be equipped with camera and sensor systems to ensure full dimensional and functional control of the parts. 

With its expertise and investments, SGH Healthcaring confirms its ambition to be a leader in the field of plastics and medical devices!