Hope for patients suffering diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

EPIGENEXT will focus on the development of small molecule

The clinical-stage pharmaceutical R&D company, Lead Pharma and Oxeltis, an independent medicinal chemistry service company, have just received a EUR 800,000 grant from EUREKA Eurostars* to support their joint project EPIGENEXT. Over a period of 3 years, the project will focus on the development of small molecule therapeutics against diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a very aggressive and rapidly evolving blood cancer that affects no less than 115,000 people per year worldwide. Today, 30 to 50% of patients do not respond to current treatment. Moreover, the protocol, which combines a monoclonal antibody and 4 cytotoxic drugs, causes numerous side effects such as fatigue or anemia. The need to develop new treatments is therefore indisputable in order to improve the survival and quality of life of patients. By pooling the expertise of Lead Pharma and Oxeltis, EPIGENEXT offers hope for patients suffering from this disease.

* The European Eurostars program is managed by EUREKA, an intergovernmental network of 37 countries. Eurostars supports SMEs and partners such as universities and research organizations by financing international collaborative projects, particularly in R&D.